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Anyone want to tell me what happened to Oshilakorns? I can't get to the site. I am  hoping that it is just me right now, but I am afraid it is going the way of Megaupload (unexpected closure). I really loved that site regardless. I am just terribly confused about this whole mess are they closing down sites even if they don't HAVE anything but links to youtube? WTF are they attempting here other than losing their minds? Wanna kick someone in the nads, but I can't figure out who. Ugh. 

Don't Stop

This story drove me crazy so I had to write it. It is a follow up (or added to) episode 14 of YHKT with Rome and Noon. I swear I didn’t know he could hit a scene out of the park until I saw this show. Granted the bad sound effects/music worked really hard to take away from the emoting in this show, but it was so well done on the actors part I wanted to add a little to it. The passion and love these characters have for each other took my breath away. This isn't for younger audiences/readers. Short One-shot in addition to the show. All errors are mine, admitted freely and apologized for in advance. 

Video of them here: 
He held both sides of her head pulling her in for a deep kiss. “Tell me to stop.” This would be their last night together, before the end. The bone crushing loss was breaking him, just as she had been broke by the circumstances all those years ago. 

“Please,” he said then. “Push me away from you. I love you, I missed you, I want you, you have to make me stop. Tell me you love me too, or tell me to stop.”

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The silence was deafening, and it was all he needed from her to encourage him. 
She had no words left to speak after his powerful kiss. He had always taken from her, and she could do nothing but give in to him. In her mind she knew that she should be angry. At that moment though, she had all the power. She could break him, and push him away or she could reel him in, she could even be honest and admit she had loved him from the very start. The minute that he walked into the same room as her sealed their fate. She didn’t want to stop, nor would she ever want to stop. Wanting to do something, and knowing right and wrong do not always coincide. She wanted that bond, and she would take it this one time knowing the end would mean breaking him again. 

She closed her eyes and trusted he would catch her. 

He did. 
She became aware for the first time of his movements, his heartbeat, and the sound of his breath catching when she moved a certain way or caught him by surprise. The moment when he ended and she began became just a continuous current of, them. 

Their love was magnificent. She breathed him in as deep as she could, but found that he was already farther inside than even she knew. His weight on top of her was a comfort; he burrowed between her legs that opened up to him without hesitation. 
Nowhere for him to go anymore, but that meant too that she had nowhere to go. 
They just had each other. 

Being hyper aware of his breathing, movements, and knowing that contact was the most important feeling for both of them right now taking off clothes while still staying connected was slow going. His shirt was pulled off while he pushed into her, and the pants were unbuttoned while his mouth massaged her tongue. Her clothes were pulled off in the same manner, causing a catch in his throat when he thrust his hips forward and only met warm wet panties. She gave a chuckle in return from her elation at how good he felt between her thighs. 

How were they apart so long? What unseen forces kept this beauty from them? Did everybody feel this the first time? Did the love she felt for him cause the head spinning anticipation to make his breath catch again? She wanted all of him, if only for this moment she wanted his entire existence. 
He wanted to show her that she was his all. 

Cross purposes met when he removed her only barrier, and he pushed slowly into her. This hurt, and he knew it hurt her, but all she could think was do it again. Please. His breathing was labored, and she felt every finite detail he was projecting. All she wanted was to hear him while he worked. He was beautiful with bronze skin covering muscles moving all with a thin coat of sweat, and it was all for her. She was his all in that moment. 
It didn’t ever need to end.

Except it did.

Nam didn’t even remember the trip home that night. It might have been warm out, but all she felt was cold and bereft. She left his warmth that night, as she knew she had too, wondering if she would ever feel that safe again. She didn’t realize at the beginning that when it ended she was just as broke as he was. 

What's Up finale..

Loved this show! The ending felt great to me (aside from TH's story which still felt crappy). Chae Young taking Hades under her wing was a brilliant way to handle that situation IMO. The no talent wanna have talent looking at the genius and saying um "Whats Up?" Why you wanna pretend to not have when lots of people want I want? Stupid! I want to say this to musical/actors that have committed suicide etc, and what DS was doing was a form of suicide brought on by his mom. 
I think the most poignant moment for me was when Do Ri looked at this terribly sick man and said "Better not be any BS," and SM smiled under his O2 mask. It was beautifully done by them both. Good lord I loved those was free while the other had always wanted to be free. I am NOT going to look for fanfiction about these two...nope I'm just...yea I am. No lie. 
TH/JH made me love them. I didn't like her whiny always has issues ass, then he just forced the issue, and I love them. Or maybe I love him? I didn't think I would like him, but BAM! he was awesome. Ugh. More stories to look for. 
Overall I liked this show immensely, and it has room for fans to expand on it. THAT will get me everytime. Buffy was the same way, and fans ate it up (don't get me started on HP fandom). I am satisfied, but I want more which IMO is the mark of a great show. 

Like a bullet to the Brain...

So, for some unknown reason I like to lurk looking for my next favorite Drama. IDK if I just have a complex, but there it is. So here I am watching a Painful!Death! drama.  I need a new show like this like I need a hole in the friggin' head. So I get through my accounting class (with an A...thank you very much), then I get through with City Hunter (only re-watched a few times), I finished up WBDS (the end killed me, spit me out, and made me bitter), now I am watching Office Girls (balm for an angry heart SO CUTE!), so why did I start Koizora, a drama about first love and death?

There should be a law. 
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WBDS, I am in hate with you...

Did someone pee in these writers corn flakes or something? I just don't understand why so much time was spent on nothing important (even the death of the big evil guy lasted forevah!) the humanity, unrequited love, and the most important was the 'grey' areas that were ignored instead of those things being explored.  Adding more episodes was useless in my opinion if those areas aren't addressed. SO much was left to the imagination (which I don't usually have a problem with *ahem* Buffy), the problem is that the things that made this show good were I can play the story in my head, but there was only closure for YW (sketchy closure), with everybody else put into a neat little box without a clear motivation for being excited about that STUPID frackin' box. WHY would JJ be happy to marry painter guy? Where was her realization she wanted to be there? Where did DS's jealousy disappear to? I don't care if they were together in the end because DS was put in his box all happy like, but I needed them to close the DS/JJ box. I needed that. Now I am just a foaming at the mouth pissed off mess because I COULD HAVE WROTE THAT SH*T BETTER. It is obvious the couple they it dude....I GOT IT, but I need to know why the other door was closed. I want to know how DS can live to ignore the one person other than SS and YW that saved his bum over and over again. I need to know how JS can look at DS as her savior when YW basically was responsible for everything that she had. She did nothing with her Pier One without him/JJ. I need that closure, and a flashback behin-the-scenes isn't going to give it to me.  


Seems to be some confusion...

Did someone who writes 'Warrior Baek Dong Soo' forget what the story is about? I love love love Chun! I ship him with Ji after ep. 17, and I wanted Jin Joo to be his daughter so dang bad (he doesn't have anything holding him back..(Oh I have a daughter? Hole in shoulder in the way of helping her? Gone. No stupid loyalty to hold him is all her *sigh*). So the last few eps were like this for me:

1. Boring ass story about some stupid plant, inject a proper Dong Soo and expect the stupid to hold my attention. Oh YEA they added Choi Rip in there too (ooooh sizzling!).

2. Story stolen by an assasin who obviously isn't going for any modeling shoots anytime soon, oh and add to that he is a drunkard that kills all the time, he just acquired the best daughter ever, saves her (and mom) several times, and for an encore fries his arrow hole with a log so he can go on to take care of his daughter. PLUS he kicked the Qing dude's ass, who didn't want to do that??? He kicks this stories ass on so many levels with his silent love for Ji, his silent love of his daughter (who might not be his daughte), that it makes me his willing servant.

Dong Soo and his plant, needles, new loyalties, and proper speech can go jump off a bridge somewhere. Poor Woon would miss him so much, but if he really wants to act stupid over the least liked character since 'cigerette man' on The X-files then so be it. 

hump like bunnies? please.

In the case of City Hunter maybe the ending caused me to want this. I am glad that it ended open-ended in a way, it increases the things that can happen in my head. Expanding on these types of things is a good thing, and it could 'theoretically' come back at a later date. *stomps* BUT BUT BUT I can't force YS, in my head/story, to take Nana up against a wall! Random chick? Yes. Nana? No. Is it to much to ask? Ugh! So unfortunate for me, and Nana too. It is all lovey in my head...and it makes me wanna throw something heavy & breakable. HOW am I suppose to get over my obsession & put this craving for contact to bed? Literally. 

It is kinda like when I would read OC stories for shows before, and it would freak me out. Like Spike/Buffy as an example (before the show went crazy putting them together), and it would ring so OOC that I couldn't even follow beyond a certain point. Porn is good, but it has to be in context or it is just horndogging to be horndogging (yes, I am aware this word is not a real word).There has to be a reason folks would allow that sanctity between each other. So far YS and NN in my head aren't down for anything like that yet. 

Putting the past to rest...

Lord knows I wish I could get over this City Hunter addiction.

Putting The Past to Rest...

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It took a long time for him to accept that he didn’t kill Young Joo, and a part of him would never believe he doesn’t hold the blame for what happened. Young Joo’s father was his responsibility too. He didn’t push him over the ledge, but his words did what his hands did not. Just like his father was guilty for orchestrating the deaths of innocent lives, he too was guilty of pushing Shik off that bridge. If there was one thing he learned from the beloved prosecutor it was to be honest about everything inside. Young Joo when the prosecutor was faced with taking his father down, he didn’t finish the job, and City Hunter did. Yoon Sung watched Young Joo to see how he would handle the worst in his father. It was only fair that Yoon Sung show the worst in his father too. Young Joo admitted that the law lost in the end. His honest admission right before his death made City Hunter push for truth, no matter how hard it was for him to accept. City Hunter was able to lay his guilt to rest knowing that he carried out the last wish of the prosecutor. City Hunter used his own hands in lieu of Young Joo's to dole out justice for him. Young Joo didn’t deserve to die, but he died doing what he believed in above all else, even his own life.

After his father was killed, Yoon sung quietly said goodbye to everybody then went back to Thailand to forever lay Poo Chai to rest. He tried to lay all his demons down with Poo Chai, but he would always have scars from the memories here. “Let’s do this together. I don’t know where the end is, but if we do this together, it won’t be lonely. I won’t leave you to be lonely anymore. I don’t think there’s anyone for me but you.” He thought about her then, taking out her picture just like when he lived here as Poo Chai. Kim Nana had no idea about that history, but he knew when he would reveal it. His speech was already written in his head for their ceremony. They would meet again soon, when the time for both of them was right, and he could look at himself as worthy of her.

Kim Nana would dream about that moment. The look in his eyes, his determination, and acceptance haunted her these months waiting for him to come back to her. Sleeping with those nightmares was next to impossible so she would stay awake as long as she could to keep them away. He almost took away the one thing she couldn't live without. Shaking away from those desperate moments in time she recalled their happier moments, the few times when they were able to laugh with each other. The times sitting beside him comfortably quiet, even with all the evil around him pulling him in different directions, those calm times were a happy memory. When Yoon Sung left to get everything together for their family in America, she knew that he had to shake off the corruption, hate, and anger that still surrounded him to this day. Her most recent memory with him would comfort her forever…

All around them streets were flooded from rain that was still pouring, but all they knew was each other. YS leaned down to her giving her soft kisses on her face, but he didn’t stop until he was kneeling in front of her. Yoon Sung held up the ring his mom gave him in silent appeal. The gold band twisted with time, caught the light perfectly as Nana saw it for the first time. In wide eyed wonder, before she could get the words formatted in her head to answer his unspoken question, she bobbed her head up and down rhythmically. He was leaving her tomorrow, and she didn’t know when she could join him. She would wait for him forever, and with this ring he was promising to wait for her too. “Will you,” he started collected his thoughts and finishing with, “marry me.” Nana hoarsely said “yes,” still nodding in amazed acceptance. He was alive even after saving his father, her, and Jun Pyo’s soul. He saved everybody, wanted nothing in return, and still had innocence inside enough to ask for something that had always been his He framed her face with his big strong hands, and kissed her deep. At the time all she could think was ‘this is how it is supposed to be’. She was here for him there was no other explanation. All the tears, blood, and tragedy was for them to be able to love this deep. If there was a reason for everything, then that was the only reason she could think of. He asked her to join him because he needed her, and wanted her around him. He knew about her father though, and knew that she could not leave, but when his beautiful mouth said 'when you can. I will wait for you, like you waited for me.” The Bear Nana inside her wanted to throw everything away right then. Right at that moment she only cared about him. Almost losing that proved to her that she wouldn't, no couldn't ever be without him.

Nana smiled at Da Hye in gratitude for the coffee, nodding slightly to acknowledge the depth of her gratitude for the condolences of her father's death. Her father's death was a relief, harsh as those thoughts were, they were her true feelings. She loved her father so much, and for so long fought hard for him to live, she was so tired of fighting. Her mother and father were together again finally. The only comfort she needed now was a good night’s rest, which only his strong arms could give her. It felt like forever that they had been separated she was looking forward to seeing him whole, and alive just to stop the nightmares for good. His text came early the morning of her father’s passing saying only, 'The wait is over. Airport noon.”


Yoo Seung Ho in a car accident

 WTF is up with all these Korean car accident's lately. Are the roads that hard to drive on? I thought I-5 was bad when I got here, but reading about all the car accidents in Korea makes me wonder. 

Hope he is OK, and can continue with the drama Warrior Baek Dong Soo without any more problems. 

What am I suppose to do without City Hunter?

 I am lost...totally. The ending wasn't what I wanted, but good enough that I can rework it in my head in stories if I need too.  I wouldn't have minded a few scenes to make pretty videos (i.e. more talented people). I wrote a YS/NN story yesterday before I saw the end today. Strangely it works still. LJ hasn't been working so I'll try to get it this time. We will see. Collapse )

Every second ticked louder as she waited. It had been a long night waiting for the doctors to tell her he was stable and would live. He was going to live. She willed it to be so, and her will hadn't failed her often in the past. It introduced her to Yoon Sung by forcing her hand in the car that night. Her will to get her phone back saved her father's life. To be more exact Lee Yoon Sung saved her father's life. She couldn't count how many times that man saved her so the least she could do was will him to live now.

Finding out that Yoon Sung's father was the president she swore an oath to protect was shocking to her. The thought of what he went through alone scorched her insides like hot coffee. She wanted so bad to go back two days when he was sitting alone in his car force her way into his space to support him. He needed her, but she left him alone. He was always alone. If she could pull her life around him like a support blanket she would gladly give her life to do it. She knew the minute that she fell in love with him. It had less to do with Yoon Sung saving her life than her fear that he wouldn't be anymore. She had to make that clear to him that day. She would rather die than have him save her by sacrificing himself. She deplored her weakness with this man. He was beautiful, and ruff around the edges of his barely held together sanity. She loved him. She thinks of her parent's marriage. Did they feel this way? A part of her hopes that they did feel this strong urge to protect. This love she felt was poetic. The type of love that lyrics were wrote about.

She hated it.
Hated it.
He was dying in the next room, and all she could do was sit here and WAX fucking poetic about their love.

She wanted to flip him, throw him around, rip him open like all his injuries did. How dare he make her love him. How dare he say he would come back to her. How dare he leave her alone. How dare he not turn around when she tried to force his hand. Most of all, though, how dare he try to save this messed up world instead of saving her love...

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I will have more time for school  now I guess. *sniffle* this bites no lie.