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Choi Young played with her hair for what seemed like hours, but probably only translated to minutes in the grand scheme of things. He would have to let go of her to save her, to save her. Deok Heung-jae was an ambitious man who wanted the throne, and without hesitation he would let Eun Soo die if he didn’t get his way. Choi Young knew this, yet his heart was stalling for time.

She wasn’t planned for him, in his world he wanted only to live and die honorably after he lost her, who he thought at the time, his one true love. He couldn’t even remember her face now. Now all he could do was continue to live honorably for the King. Eun Soo came along though, and she forcefully placed herself into his list of things to do. She forced a change in his priorities.

Would he go back to his cold frozen state when she left his world, would he escape to the warmth of his dreams? Eun Soo was his warmth now and he didn’t know when that happened. Eun Soo lived, how could a part of him not lose life if they parted? Living just because she would want him too was what he had planned, or all his heart sickness could see being possible in a future without her. How could one live when that which gave life to their existence was gone?

She was leaving in a month when the portal opened finally, and she could say good bye to his world, and be happy in the heaven’s world as she wanted. The King couldn’t stop the inevitable this time, as angry as Choi Young had been when that painful parting didn’t happen originally Choi Young could admit now that happenstance had stayed his death. Another consequence was also that he was given a reason to live.


Now, as he played with her hair before she left through a portal to heaven he didn’t want to let go of her, and right now it was even harder to hold in his love for her. She forced her way into his cold; he wanted to live with her one time.

Just once.

Just one time he told himself this, truth or lie he would see…in the future.

Eun Soo woke to the feather light touches on her hair. Choi Young was looking at her with a mix of curiosity and consternation.  She had the insane thought to ask if he wanted to take a picture or something, so she did.

Choi Young didn’t answer her allowing only a slight look of confusion to cross his usual stoic features that betrayed he had heard her. “It means in ‘heaven’ speak why are you watching so hard?”

Eun Soo knew what the pages in the diary meant now, all of it fit together to show that the portal was going to open soon. Rough hands so gentle running through her hair, hands that could break her anytime they wanted caressing her like she was irreplaceable reminded her of the dream when he died.

There was still the mystery of where she would go when it was opened, but Eun Soo had no options at this point. She had to go through; whether she ended up in ‘Heaven’ or farther in the past didn’t matter because she had to write the letter to herself. If only to make sure that Choi Young lived to make the future he was meant to make.  

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