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I Remember Everything

Jae Shin, Shi Kyung. My new obsession (I need this like a hole in the head obviously). King 2 Hearts, episode 16 SK’s inner monologue during the time with JS.

I remember everything
She called him again and like a moth to flame he gravitated to her when she needed him. It didn’t matter that every time he was near her it took all his power to keep from pulling her into his embrace, which seemed a very dangerous place for her to be when all he did was covet her. Didn’t she know? He would always come when she needed and it wasn’t because of her status.

He wanted her, and she just needed a float to keep from going under. 

She was so full of life when he first saw her on that stage. It was as if nothing could touch her she was so high. When she deemed him worthy of her song a part of him was lost to her. Didn’t she see it was her? She showed him something that nobody had seen, and to this day he cherished those moments.

Some cosmic force aligned to bring her down after her attack, something evil brought her down to earth. He wanted to see her fly again like on stage that night. Shi Kyung wanted her to soar.


Oh he wanted to touch, but the part of him that knew better was holding back. He would see her or talk to her for seconds and during that time he felt like he would suffocate from holding himself away from her. Everybody said he wanted her, and when he had moments alone he knew all those accusations were true. She deserved to fly on her own though, and he would be her level until she could.

Hopefully he would have some part of himself left after it all was over.

Here he was again for her. Her eyes looked up at him as her savior, the last bit of color in a sunset, and her saving grace all in one look. If only he was someone who could be those things for her. Oh how he hated himself right now, taking advantage of her when she needed the most, if only she would look at him that way when she was herself again. He had a sharp stabbing pain thinking of her moving on when she was better.

She would get better then discard him. He should be thankful.

He really should.

Jae Shin was comforting him about his dad now saying things that he knew to be true already. He was short with her. ‘I’m sorry,’ he thought. It hurt when she wanted to comfort him. He had such ugly thoughts. Who am I? I am a royal bodyguard. I should not be aching for this person like this.

‘This brave, honest, smart woman doesn’t need you’ he repeated to himself again. She needs a crutch. You are only the lucky number called.

The princess just kept looking at him so sincerely, her eyes begged for him to make all the pain go away. He couldn’t fix the problems, hell he couldn’t even fix himself enough so that crazy bitch wouldn’t know he was in love with the unattainable.

“Please don’t play,” as if I am a shiny new toy. ‘My heart might not make it out of this intact if you do’ he silently added.

“You sang it,” he whispered to her. This was as close as he needed to get to showing how much she affected him. He thought, ‘I remember everything about you.’ 

*sigh* I am the only one dying for these two right? Yea yea I know...I am always doomed to fall for the STP (Vampire diaries, SFBB anyone??) For. Ever. Doomed. I love the disposable ones it seems.  


So in love with these two...wonder if there are episode cuts of them only? lol Off to research...anything to not do my school work. 
Tags: fanfiction, jae shin, shi kyung, the king 2 hearts

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