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Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Do Il's eyes made me do it!!

Did anyone else focus on Do Il’s eyes in his scene with Woo Kyung in episode 14? He has expressive eyes, and I think it took this scene for me to appreciate it. I think their scene tonight gutted me, along with the rest of the show. I am left wondering at the end of this ep WHAT they are going to do to get back the swagger that they had before. I wrote about Do Il’s inner monologue, although I am not satisfied with it I am hoping that the next couple eps will give me some happy scenes for these boys. The show has turned into a funeral. 

Hello Old Friend, Nice to See You Again

Do Il’s body hurt.  Drained emotionally, physically, and with the band in this condition he was spiritually exhausted as well from the very tips of his toes to the ends of his hair. Do Il could take a lot of punishment, as evidenced by the history with his father, but he always had motivation to be the calm person. Lately though he found that level headed young man being overpowered by the inner lost boy trying to explode into the world. The very person who motivated him to stay on level was being hurt right before his eyes while he watched, and there really wasn’t anything he could do to change that fact. 

After getting thrown around by his father’s men, not his father of course, since Do Il’s father would never bloody his own hands like that. Do Il’s father thought any physical fighting wasn’t gentlemanly enough for him, so it was better to let his underlings practice on Do Il. Do Il usually couldn’t complain because he knew that this was one of the reasons that he was able to win so many fights. These fights that were usually caused by other people not smart enough to know who he was, people who were willing to risk their lives to prove a point, or people who just wanted to get status and money.  These type men usually didn’t make it very far in their quest for money or status, but they did get removed from the situation forcefully. Unfortunately for Do Il he stood up in public and in such a way that his father would have a harder time saving face. So Do Il had to pay for this transgression.  He was used to it, and he could take whatever usually. He would protect his friends, the band, and he would protect her.

Woo Kyung came to the pool hall surprising Do Ill, which was never a good idea. She was so warm touching him in concern. That was all he needed, concern. ‘Please touch me for me,’ his eyes said. ‘Please love me, love me for more than the drummer.’  He wasn’t equipped to hold back from her warmth right then; he was not physically capable of forcing down that burning need inside raging to be set free. He wanted her warmth to be directed at him for a change, and not at just the drummer of the band she had been valet to for years. He could have found solace in most any woman who knew his family background, but for some unknown reason this spit fire girl that wandered into his lair was the one that he longed for.  She had no idea how dangerous he was. The strength to fight his longing wasn’t in him. He didn’t want to be the sweet, caring, calm band member right now. He wanted to take her heat to replace the cold inside him. She was concerned for him was what he told himself. She was caring for his treatment at his father’s hands. She cared not just for the drummer, but him, just him.

He kissed her.

Before he could spit out Mianhamnida she was jumping away from him like she caught fire. Inside himself he cringed, and it hurt, God did it hurt. She had removed him from the painful beating just by being present, but now he found that everything was worse because she wasn’t worried for only him. His fear was confirmed. He had let go and it hurt like hell, hurt worse than any beating he had been through in his life. Woo Kyung couldn’t get away from him fast enough, and that knowledge was almost unbearable. The cold was back wrapping around him like a blanket he thought, ‘Annyeong old friend, I’m sorry I strayed. I was wrong to think I could find love, welcome back.’ 
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