October 30th, 2012


Faith ep. 24...Way to leave me wanting more, and more...and more..

I am/was impressed with the ending of this show (for the record I was ok with CH's ending too), we got a lot of touchy feely lovey dovey things throughout this show that I wasn't expecting from a FS at ALL so I can't complain. I knew that the writer was going to be in a pickle because these were characters that were so in love with such a beautiful relationship that a lot of people wouldn’t be happy with anything short of porn to show it on screen. I am really impressed with the whole show, anything that can make me yell at the screen loud enough for my daughter to leave her cartoons in the other room is A OK with me.

After 9 Consensus is 5 years I think that is right...So 5yrs of separation and pining for each other to rush into each other’s arms, or a hug, or a bed scene wouldn’t have fit no matter how much the writer ‘jumped the shark’ to fit into the self proclaimed perverts at Soompi, *ahrm* or myself honestly. I think that it is hard to understand having just watched the show the day before but it can’t be said enough….they were separated for 5 years, not to mention the centuries that separated them before she came back the first time, so to expect him to ‘get over’ his tendency to avoid touching, kissing, or anything with a woman is unrealistic no matter how you look at it. It took him forever to even be able to touch her hair, and the woman is dying in the scene. IDK or understand why that is so bad. It isn’t up to the writers/directors/actors to fulfill unrealistic expectations (lol that is for the fanfiction writers *grin*).

I know when my hubby is gone for a year on deployments it takes some adjusting for both of us when he comes home. Now that is not to say we don’t go at each other like drunkin’ monkeys after we hit a bed, but we can talk on the phone, email each other to get a handle on what is going on. These two were separated for 5 years long frigging hard war filled years of longing for these two. They found each other again after searching for a lifetime for each other (and a lifetime is putting it mildly in this case)…just the fact that they found each other alive, well, and could be together is a happy perfect ending. I can’t speak to the monster long get to know you session when they get back to the house, but they do need to make sure that they have a sign ‘If the house is a rockin’, creekin’ then Get to leavin’” on the door or something as such.

I wrote the above in a post at soompi earlier, I hate the ending of shows like this but I need more realistic thinkers in regards to this ending. I am so far away from an average prude, but there are a lot of unrealistic expectations in regards to these two...it is LMH so it makes sense :D I suppose. 
I am like KC though I want more...but that isn't unusual for me cause I wanted more with CH too I don't think there is anything wrong with that. :) makes things interesting in a way...or it at least looks interesting in my head lol.