October 23rd, 2012


Faith ep. 22 Did they mean to gash me?

I cried…there I admit it. In the midst of this depressing/beautiful episode where everybody was getting their ass handed to them, the king, ES, N, and Young stood out as anchors against all the ugly surrounding them. It breaks my heart to think of all the anger, pain, and fear my Imja couple are going through in this episode. Gah! Just love each other…the second couple the King and N have so much faith and love for each other. It is almost like he is as much her ‘weight’ as she is his giving each other strength to do what they feel they must.

IDK how this show is going to end at this point unfortunately, I am prepared though to go down with my ships.  It is pretty clear (I think) that this show is not historically accurate so it wouldn’t kill my love to have a happy ending for ES and CY. They love each other so much at this point, and after watching this ep I saw what they mean in the previews that ES shows CY how much she cares, shocking him and us. She grew so much from the first ep to this one, CY grew too. One went from a money obsessed prima-donna almost to this amazingly brave caring person, and the other went from a cold almost lifeless shell of a man to this amazing character that loves these people around him (King, ES, Choi, Queen, and most of all the loves himself again finally).

Ugh IDK what I am going to do with my love fore these characters. I figure I’ll need to watch it all through once the ending is clear. I keep trying to write more for these folks, but honestly I am stumped over how to start. I think they have had angry sex in my head a million times, but it seems somehow unexceptional on paper. I don’t really read soompi except to get what little rumors/spoilers that come down that way. I can’t read that too much only because I am so happy with how the couples are being written right now with or without sex. Call me crazy but what is in my head for these characters is way better outside of canon anyway.  

Come on ending…make this torturous road I am on be worth it in the end. Also it would behoove the writers/directors to realize that LMH will go into a ‘hibernation’ type deal after this…leaving a lot of fangirls to do nothing but twiddle their thumbs for the longest time. Make it so that those girls will talk about this ending for a very long time until the next show finally comes along. Friendly advice ;)